Saturday, July 27, 2019


Can I Set My Dvr From My Phone

Can I Set My Dvr From My Phone. By default, your router or firewall will block the ports that the dvr or nvr uses to communicate. Using the guide in the app, find the channel/show you want to record.

PV-500NEO | HD WiFi DVR No Screen
PV-500NEO | HD WiFi DVR No Screen from
(if you scroll down you will see the settings i usually use, but you can use whatever you like) set up modem/router firewall name your device name whatever you want in the modem. Yes you must sign up for remote dvr feature first (free). Enter your ip, subnet mask, and default gateway numbers that you wrote down when you did your ipconfi g into the dvr tcp ip settings.

Meanwhile, now you know how to do it.

My understanding is that you can program your dvr remotely through the my account website or your mobile device. Press the save button to be taken to the device list. And the other items can be set as above or default. Next to each airing, you will see a record button.

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