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How To Know If My Phone Has Ir Blaster

How To Know If My Phone Has Ir Blaster. You must have seen the infrared led on your tv remote which is just a transparent led. Although ir is invisible to the human eye, it is possible to see the ir blaster signal by looking at the media box through a camera or camcorder.

DIY TiVo IR Blaster | MightyOhm
DIY TiVo IR Blaster | MightyOhm from
To check if your phone of tablet has an ir blaster, check this neatly compiled list smartphones and tablets with infrared blaster by wikipedia. It looks like some black plastic circle or rectangle indent. How to choose a phone with an ir blaster.

One way to tell if a phone has one is to look at the top edge of the phone.

My own is a huawei ascend g610, but i'd like to know the procedure for every phone. The easy way to test this is to have someone press and hold one of the buttons on the media box remote control. It will be a shiny dark spot (usually a circle, but sometimes a rectangle, and it will be bigger than a mic hole). If you want to check if your phone features an ir blaster for sure, you can also download some remote control app, which will tell you exactly the information about your phone.

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