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What Is A Telemetry Technician

What Is A Telemetry Technician. What is a telemetry technician telemetry monitoring technicians are allied health professionals who monitor heart rhythms using electrocardiographic (ecg) equipment. Courses cover both theory and practical modules, both city & guilds, nvq diplomas

Role & Functions of an EKG Technician |
Role & Functions of an EKG Technician | from
As a telemetry technician, your job duties involve connecting electrodes to specific points on a patient's body to gain a readout on an electrocardiogram or ekg. Telemetry is an electronic system designed to monitor a patient's heart activity. An electrocardiogram, or ekg, monitors a patient's heart by tracing.

A telemetry technician is responsible for operating the telemetry machine to identify patients' heart rates and rhythms.

The tests can help discover any irregularities in the heart that could lead to a heart attack or heart disease. Other names and acronyms of the same position are certified cardiographic technician (cct), cardiographic technician (cgt), cardiac monitor technician (cmt), rhythm analysis technician (rat), or telemetry monitor technician (tmt). Telemetry technicians in america make an average salary of $35,994 per year or $17 per hour. Their job helps to identify different treatments people may require for their specific heart condition or issue.

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