Thursday, October 3, 2019


Why Is My Android Clock Wrong

Why Is My Android Clock Wrong. Now, depending on the make and model of your phone, and the carrier you are using, there may be an updated available or not. On my droid it is the fourth to the right.

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Why is my Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 charging so slow ... from
Now my calendar on my phone is correct. After i activated it if was less than a second that the weather app changed to the correct city. If your android device is running on android 9, you can manually set the time by going to:

If i reboot my phone the time syncs back up to the correct time, but slowly it will start to count mins faster and the next thing i know, my phone says it is 5 or so minutes later than it actually is.

Tap the blue automatic date and time switch. Notification bar showing correct time, but homescreen clock widget shows it wrong. Use a usb cable to connect your android phone to the computer and go to the left side bar to click on android repair tab. You'll tap date and time here on a samsung galaxy.

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