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How To Close An App In Windows 8

How To Close An App In Windows 8. It seems like performance under 8.1 is as good as it used to be prior to the update. Open command prompt by typing cmd in the windows search bar, and then selecting the command prompt app from the search results.

How To Close A Windows 8 App the Easy Way - YouTube
How To Close A Windows 8 App the Easy Way - YouTube from
Close threshold is a nifty app for windows 8 using which you can change the default drag and drop threshold which is needed to close modern apps. There are 3 ways you can close metro apps in the new windows 8: There are however scenarios where you may want more control over the process.

There are essentially two options for fully closing (remove from the taskbar and ram) an app in windows 8.1.

In windows 8, microsoft provided a touch gesture to close running metro apps. If you have a touch screen tablet or laptop, touch your finger on the top of the screen and drag it all the way to the bottom. Most windows 8.1 users may not need those options anymore as the system is handling memory management fine most of the time. Windows will prompt you to save any files that require it before closing the host app, just as it does when you press the power button or click shut down on the start menu (which is an odd place.

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