Thursday, May 7, 2020


How To Know If Your Phone Battery Is Bad

How To Know If Your Phone Battery Is Bad. If it cuts off as soon as the charger is removed, then your battery is most definitely dead. If your phone works for a while but shuts off unexpectedly when there's still plenty of battery life left, it's almost certain your battery is to blame.

How to tell when your phone's battery has gone bad ...
How to tell when your phone's battery has gone bad ... from
The most probable culprit is most likely the need of a charge port repair. If you notice your phone bulging in the middle or getting very hot on or off the charger, that's a sign of a bad battery too, but you also need to stop using it right away and take it somewhere. A battery performance test reveals the health of your battery is pretty poor.

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Exposure to high temperatures for extended periods of time can cause harmful chemical reactions within the battery to occur. Type the code in your phone's dialer and select the ' battery information ' menu to see your battery status. If your iphone feels like it runs a bit slower than it used to, or if you notice that the battery life doesn't seem to be as good as when you bought it, it may be time to replace it. If your phone is losing battery percentage quickly and it is dropping in terms of minutes, that probably means something is wrong with your battery.

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