Saturday, June 27, 2020


Where Are Stickies Stored On Mac

Where Are Stickies Stored On Mac. Stickies are typically stored in a db under ~/library/stickiesdatabase. Click the top of a note and drag the note where you want it.

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Stickies from the dashboard have automatically been imported into the stickies application. You might try creating ~/library/stickies/ and put the database in that folder. Launch stickies from the applications folder on your mac.

All widget save data/preferences are still in the original place.

If you had a time machine, superduper or carbon copy cloner backup, these files should have all come over when you restored to your new drive. You can try to copy this file to your current running user from your time machine backup and open the stickies application to see if that works. Onenote is in a file on the onedrive but i don't see the sticky file. You cannot currently have sticky notes stay on top of other applications.but you can pin sticky notes to the windows taskbar to see your list of notes instantly or to create a new note quickly.

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