Saturday, July 4, 2020


How To Delete Homegroup Windows 7

How To Delete Homegroup Windows 7. Firstly, delete the registry entry you made, and secondly. How to delete everything on windows laptop.

How to Disable "Homegroup" Feature in Windows 7 and Later ...
How to Disable "Homegroup" Feature in Windows 7 and Later ... from
A windows homegroup lets you share files and devices (such as printers) the homegroup services will be permanently disabled and, if you're using windows 7, it will also there are only two steps you need to follow. The delete account window appears. The homegroup can be accessed using windows explorer.

But if you don't use it and would prefer not to see it in file explorer at all, it's not too hard to disable.

I don't want the icon on my desktop but can't see any way it's not listed in the desktop icons under personalisation settings and it's not a regular shortcut so can't be deleted in the usual manner. Microsoft introduced homegroup, an ad hoc home networking service, as part of windows 7. Its displayed in navigation pane as shown below: The leave the homegroup dialog box will appear, just click leave the homegroup one more time, and then click finish.

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