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What Is A Ds_Store File On Windows

What Is A Ds_Store File On Windows. Please support me on patreon: This file stores custom attributes such as position of folder icons and the choice of background colors.

What is a .DS_Store file? How to delete a .DS_Store file ...
What is a .DS_Store file? How to delete a .DS_Store file ... from sccaid.com
The hidden files beginning with '._' are the 'resource fork' part of a file as used by macos. Files with the.ds_store extension contain mac os x system information concerning preferences of displaying catalog windows: So a ds_store opener may not be able to open all kinds of ds_store files.

I tried win+r then cmd then del /s /q /f /a.ds_store.

In front of their name, which indicates to unix file systems that the file is invisible. Folder level customizations are stored in the ds_store file, things like custom icons, icon placement, icon size, window placement, list views, custom background pictures or colors, etc. It includes features to improve the security, performance, design and usability. Convert ds_store files to windows online in a dos command window, i tried both, with the same result.

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