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How To Buy A Laptop With Financial Aid

How To Buy A Laptop With Financial Aid. If you qualify for the financial aid package, you'd be eligible for a technology grant to pay for the standard wakeware laptop. You can actually use your financial aid to buy a laptop if it's something you need for school.

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Buying a computer or laptop notify the office of financial aid of your outside scholarship by completing the outside scholarship form. You must make your sci purchase before spring semester dean's date. You can get this from the notebook centre.

Current term aid is disbursed continuously throughout the semester on tuesday and thursday evenings.

If your child requires a desktop or laptop computer at home to pursue his or her studies, he or she could be entitled to a maximum allowance of $2 000 for that purchase, which can include the computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse, printer and if applicable, operating system (e.g., windows) and office suite software such as word processing, spreadsheet and presentation. Must have enough financial aid awarded on your account to cover all tuition/fees and potential bookstore charges. A book voucher is available to students who are eligible for a refund. If you get a financial aid check from your school, you can use this money for a variety of purposes.

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