Saturday, June 12, 2021


Windows 10 Is Ugly

Windows 10 Is Ugly. I do like the direction microsoft is heading with windows 10 in more functionality, but to me they should be looking just as hard at the overall look as they are the concepts in my opinion. Write what's you know march 14, 2020 in fact, starting from last week, microsoft has added new icons to the new beta version.

Windows 10 UI is UGLY and BORING!! - Microsoft Community
Windows 10 UI is UGLY and BORING!! - Microsoft Community from
Windows 10 is super flat, and very boring when ti comes to overall aesthetics. Ugly, blurry, fuzzy text on windows 10: Windows 10 updates have caused one problem after another since the operating system was released.

They're jagged and ugly and not the smooth presentation we've come to expect on modern machines.

Mandatory windows 10 home updates: Is there anyway to make my system look like windows vista? And yeah i know, windows 10 mobile not windows 10 on the phones but still they're trying and you gotta at least hand them that lol now i just wanna take my upgrade to win 10 from my win 7 pc as an iso rather than actually putting the upgrade on. 06 may 2018 at 07:41.

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